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The Isle of Islay is probably better known for its distinctive single malt whiskies, and rightly so, but whisky aside this beautiful island has so much to offer. With its temperate climate, miles of rugged coastline, extensive moorland, fertile farmland and ancient woodland, it is no wonder that the Queen of the Hebrides is one of the most naturally diverse islands on the West coast of Scotland.  

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The Isle of Islay is a place of outstanding natural beauty.

The Isle of Islay hosts an amazing array of natural wonders, from spectacular birdlife to rugged and beautiful landscapes.  Here are just a few of the seasonal highlights that we might be fortunate enough to encounter during our tours. There is always something to catch your attention, whatever the time of year!  

Did you know?

Roe deer mate in July and August but the females can “delay implantation” so the young are not born until the following summer

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Our Bespoke Tours give you the opportunity to craft an experience which is unique to you and your group of up to 7 passengers, giving you an intimate look at the nature, culture, and scenery of Islay.